The Center for Law and Social Work

The Center of Law and Social Work (CLSW) has been preserving families, providing hope and protecting lives throughout the State of Illinois since 2003. Our mission is to achieve the best outcomes for families, young adults, and children by providing the highest quality services. We believe that all families, regardless of financial circumstances, should have equal access to legal and social work services in order to remain stable and secure. In the beginning, CLSW focused on providing legal assistance for the growing population of grandparents raising grandchildren. Each year, CLSW strategically expanded its legal and social services. Today, CLSW manages the Adoption Listing Service for the State of Illinois and provides relative, non-relative, second parent, step-parent, adoption services as well as DCFS foster parent adoption and post adoption services. In addition to our DCFS funded services, we offer all of our private legal and/or social services on a sliding fee scale based on income.

You can find out more about the Center by following the website links below, calling us and requesting a brochure, or following us on Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin and watching our YouTube video.

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