What is adoption?

Adoption is a legal process which permanently gives parental rights to adoptive parents. It means taking responsibility for the child’s health, safety, and education. It is a lifelong commitment to a child.  The birth parent’s rights and responsibilities are terminated, and the adoptive parent can be named on the birth certificate. The child can have inheritance rights from the adoptive parent. Adoption creates a true sense of security and belonging for a child.

Adoption Services

The Center can help all families become a “legal” family through adoption. The Center offers relative, non-relative, second parent, step-parent, adult and DCFS foster parent adoption services. Our lawyers and social workers can help you:

  • Understand your options and obligations
  • File cases in court
  • Conduct a home study
  • Assure that you will be informed throughout the process.

Adoption services are offered to families interested in adopting a child who is currently in their care. If you would like to adopt, but don’t yet have a child in your care, please contact Sandra Casillas by calling our office or emailing her directly at

Please call for a free consultation on adoption for your family at 773-728-7800.