Adoption Listing Service


Thinking about adopting a child through DCFS?

Over the last decade, more than 15,000 children got the chance they deserve to love and be loved, and to reach their fullest potential thanks to families across our state that chose to adopt through DCFS. By providing a child with a loving and permanent home, adoptive families have discovered the unique joy of making a life-changing difference to a child. It is a feeling you can’t get any other way.

At the same time, the decision to add a child to your family is serious and life changing. We want to help you make sure that opening your heart and your life to a child is the right decision for the child and your family. If you choose to adopt a child through DCFS, please contact Center for Law and Social Work (CLSW) for more information. CLSW is home to the Adoption Listing Service and Inquiries Unit, a program of DCFS.

To learn more about the Adoption Listing Service of Illinois, contact Sandra Casillas at 800-572-2390.