Daniayah is a very lively young lady who is a whiz on computers! When she is not immersed in technology, she enjoys hanging out with her friends, taking long naps,  a good movie, shopping, or spending time with family.  Daniayah reported her favorite movie of all time is The Hate you Give, and her most recent favorite is Just Mercy.  Her favorite restaurant is Pappadeaux and her favorite stores are Bath & Body and P.I.N.K.  Danaiyah also loves to cook and says, “I know my way around the kitchen.”  Her signature dish is Meatballs in her special sauce, with mashed potatoes and corn.  Danaiyah is a self-proclaimed “neat freak” and is very organized, so there won’t be any concern with doing chores.  She is said to be very thoughtful, independent, and does her best with any task.  Danaiyah enjoys attending church and has a Christian background.  On a scale of 1-10, Danaiyah says attending church is a 9 for her.

Danaiyah is said to be a good student, and a social butterfly.  She makes friends easily and is able to maintain those friendships.  She participates in the student council and has dreams of attending college in the state of Florida after graduation, more specifically The University of Miami.  She hasn’t made any concrete decision about her major but has narrowed it down to law, social work, or nursing.

The ideal family for Danaiyah would need to provide a well-structured environment, consistency and encourage extracurricular activities that promote growth and leadership. Danaiyah is open to siblings but has expressed concern about having “too many.”  She is also open to pets (except cats due to allergies) and is looking forward to finding her forever family.  If you think Danaiyah would make a great addition to your family, please contact us.


Ethan has been described as a loving and caring person who is a big helper. When he is older, he would like to be a police officer so he can help people. Ethan is artistic and excels in art class. He especially loves drawing and coloring. This year, he learned about drafting, which he really enjoyed and also had fun using a protractor to make circles in his artwork. Next, Ethan would like to learn how to make a picture by only making dots on the paper. Ethan likes to keep some of his artwork for himself and to give some away as gifts. 


Ethan does well when he stays busy and is active. Currently, he is participating in wrestling and learning all the different moves. Although he is not involved in baseball right now, it is one of his favorite sports and he hopes to play on a team one day. He also likes to watch baseball on TV and roots for both the Chicago Cubs and Chicago White Sox. Other activities Ethan enjoys are playing basketball and swimming. 


At home, Ethan reads comics, plays videogames (like Roblox), and watches television shows and movies. His favorite show is “The Amazing World of Gumball” and favorite movie is “Spider-Man.” If he gets to decide where to eat, Ethan’s choices are McDonalds and Dairy Cream, where he orders a McChicken sandwich for dinner and Oreo blizzard for dessert. Ethan wants to learn how to cook and the first recipe he would like to tackle is homemade pumpkin pie. 


Ethan loves all animals and recently had a great experience spending time caring for animals on a farm. He would love to have a pet dog, cat, and/or fish. Ethan enjoys spending time with his caregivers and going places together. He hopes to travel and named Disney World and Paris as his top two destinations to visit. Ethan is excited to go on all the rides at Disney World and climb the Eiffel Tower. 


Ethan will do well in a home where he can receive one-on-one attention. He thrives in a structured environment. It is very important for Ethan to maintain relationships with his biological siblings.


Put on your running shoes if you are going to keep up with Ashanti. Ashanti loves to be on the move. Ashanti enjoys riding scooters and bikes. Ashanti has a big imagination which she often expresses through imaginary play. Ashanti has an outgoing personality but may appear shy until she warms up to you. She loves watching Mickey Mouse Playhouse and a variety of other shows on Disney Channel. During play time, she likes to play with dolls, toys and put together puzzles.
Ashanti is a curious, outspoken and friendly little girl. Ashanti has an incredible memory. She loves to ask questions and chat about any topic that comes across her mind. Ashanti enjoys going to school and interacting with her peers.
Ashanti is bonded to her older sister which is a relationship that should be maintained. Ashanti will thrive in an active family who will encourage her imagination and engage her curiosity. Ashanti is not familiar with having pets.


Mason is very outgoing and enjoys staying active. He likes basketball and football. He often shoots hoops and play video games on the Xbox. Mason’s favorite football team is the Dallas Cowboys. Mason’s favorite foods are hot wings, pizza, and fried chicken. He likes science and math in school. Mason would like to attend college to become a Behavioral Specialist.

Mason’s forever family should be patient, loving and supportive; preferably a two- parent household. Mason would like siblings. Mason is very family-oriented and his best friend is his older brother, that would be important for them to maintain their relationship.


Samaul, who likes to go by Sam, describes himself as a helpful and independent person. He is content to spend his free time at home, using his tablet to play games and watch videos on YouTube. Sam also likes to watch all sorts of comedic television shows and movies. He would love to have a pet, especially a cat or dog. Sam likes birds too and explained that he finds them funny. One of his favorite things to do is go to pet stores and look at all the animals. Sam would enjoy the companionship of a pet and the responsibility of having to help care for one. Despite describing himself as a homebody, Sam is very open to trying new things and activities. He would like to try camping where he can fish and sit by a fire and roast marshmallows. He would also like to go to a beach and learn how to swim better. When it comes to activities with a family, Sam thinks it would be fun to eat out, shop, go bowling, see movies, and drive go-karts. Sam likes school and said he has no favorite class, but does enjoy walking and running laps around the gym in his PE class. He hopes to attend college in the future and would like to study something involving electronics.

His caseworker describes Sam as the nicest, most easy-going person. She added that he is very laid back, witty, and quick on his toes. Sam can be talkative when he feels comfortable. His foster parents report that Sam is very polite at home and is always willing to help around the house. Samaul is well-behaved at school and gets good grades. His teachers have never had any issues with Samaul at school and he does his homework on time.

Sam has stated that he does not have any requirements when it comes to his forever family. He just wants to be adopted and have a family. Sam needs a family who will love him and show him that he will have permanency and stability in the home.


Rosalyn is a polite, friendly young teen. She strives to stay active and loves sports, especially cheerleading. Rosalyn has a creative mind and in her free time she enjoys journaling and reading. She looks forward to going to school and strives to get good grades. She enjoys all subjects, but her favorite is physical education because it involves being athletic. She is not a picky eater, but if she had to pick her favorite food is Mac and Cheese. She loves to shop and also loves the color red. Rosalyn likes pets, especially dogs, and would love to be part of a family with a pet.

Rosalyn is family oriented, engaging, and resilient. She has a desire to do well in school and makes an effort to do well. Rosalyn is a pleasure to be around and is highly motivated. Rosalyn thrives with support and encouragement.

Rosalyn desires to be with a family that is committed to her who will provide the nurturing she deserves. Rosalyn would like a family that likes to stay busy and plan new outings. She would preferably like to live in a home that has kids her age. A family for Rosalyn should be open to additional training . The family should also be patient of her needs. Rosalyn is eager to be adopted and wishes to be a permanent part of a family’s life.


Jedidiah, who prefers to be called Jed, is an adventurous person who likes being outdoors. Some of his favorite activities are swimming, jumping on a trampoline, and playing basketball. While Jed is a Lebron James fan, his all-time favorite basketball player is Michael Jordan.  Jed is also a football fan and likes to watch games on television and root for his favorite team the San Francisco 49ers. Like most teenage boys, Jed loves videogames, especially Minecraft. He is interested in exotic animals like snakes and ferrets, but is also happy playing with and caring for his foster family’s dog.  Jed enjoys doing things together as a family and would love to go on vacations and trips. When asked if he could visit any place on earth, Jed picked Africa. His three wishes are to have a sports car, travel to Las Vegas, and play with the San Francisco 49ers.  

Jed is a helpful person and does not mind doing his chores. He is described as friendly, thoughtful, a good listener, and someone who is always smiling. It is also said that Jed is appreciative and “doesn’t take things for granted.” Jed’s favorite part about going to school is seeing his friends, but when it comes to his classes, math is his favorite subject. When thinking about his future, Jed said he wants to be in the army or work in construction.  

Jed is eager to be adopted and desires a family. He looks forward to being accepted into a new home.  Jed needs a family that can provide structure, help him stay active, and allow him to express himself.  He will need continued resources that will support his growth.  


Sports Enthusiasts, Brian is the guy for you! Athletic, Brian enjoys staying active and playing sports. Brian has recently joined his high school’s wrestling team. Brian stated, “ I would follow wrestling all the way to the Olympics if I reach that far”. His other interest in sports include football, basketball, volleyball, track, wrestling and baseball. Brian has previously played football, volleyball and basketball. Brian is a huge Pittsburg Steelers fan as football is his favorite sport of all despite his passion for wrestling as stated earlier. Brian’s dream day would consist of waking up on a spring day and playing whatever sport he is involved in at the time. 

Brian likes school and enjoys learning. Brian’s favorite subject is math. Brian aspires to attend Northwestern or Stanford University to study computer engineering. After college, Brian dreams of working for either Apple or Google. 

Brian is described as friendly, talkative, confident, caring and goal oriented. Brian is helpful and will complete chores. Brian engages well with peers and maintains positive peer relations. As a sports enthusiast Brian knows the importance of maintenance and preparation, he enjoys working out and sleeping. He likes Madden and Call of Duty video games. Brian’s favorite board games are Monopoly, Life and Uno card game. Brian listens to Rap and Gospel Music. Brian has interest in traveling to Australia one day. Brian’s favorite foods are pancakes and fried chicken. 

Brian desires a family that will provide love and understanding. The family should demonstrate empathy, patience, guidance and problem solving. Brian likes cats and dogs


Brian is a friendly, active, and joyful boy who loves to laugh. He is always doing or saying something funny. He is learning to become more independent and to do certain tasks on his own. He enjoys helping around the house with chores and prepping for meals. One of Brian’s household goals is to learn to do his own laundry. Brian has a healthy appetite. His favorite food is sausage and pepperoni pizza. He also enjoys a PB&J sandwich with a tall glass of milk. His favorite activities include playing outdoors and watching Sponge Bob. Brian also enjoys going to the park, watching football, playing with Legos, riding his bike and video games. His favorite games are…yes, you guessed it! Minecraft and Fortnite. His favorite movie is Captain Marvel, and he reported his favorite superhero is Captain America. Brian says, “Captain America has a really cool shield.” When asked about music, Brian stated “I’m not sure what music I like the most, but my favorite song is God’s Plan.” He says it “reminds him of God and how God is with him”. Brian reported that if he could go anywhere in the world, he would visit Disneyland and New York, because he would like to meet Mickey Mouse and see the Statue of Liberty. He was amazed to learn that he can get close to lady liberty and take pictures! I think Brian is ready to explore the world around him. Brian says he sometimes has a difficult time hearing “no” especially when it’s something he really wants. He reported that when this happens, he will yell and say things that he really doesn’t mean, but he always writes an apology note. Brian has made great strides in correcting these behaviors and would like a family who is patient and willing to work with him.

Brian’s favorite things about school are math, recess, his friends, and his teacher. Brian reported he is very good at math and really enjoys subtraction. He stated making friends is “sometimes hard, and sometimes easy” for him.

Brian is anxiously awaiting his forever family! Brian will thrive in a home with a consistent and structured environment that will make him feel safe and wanted. A family who will encourage him to do the best he can in his daily activities. When asked what he would want a perspective family to know about him, Brian stated “I am nice and funny.” If you think Brian would be an asset to your family, please let us know.


Daniel is a softhearted young man who enjoys gummi bears.  His favorite color is red which coincides with his favorite holiday which is Christmas.  Daniel stated he just wants to “live life” and play video games.  His favorite game to play is “NBA 2K”.  Daniel also mentioned he liked going to Pizza Hut and enjoying a supreme pizza with family and friends. 

Daniel aspires to join the NBA and is still exploring other career goals if that dream is missed.  He mentioned his favorite subject as math and an interest in attending Kentucky State University.  Daniel does not have a dog but mentioned a German Shepard as his favorite breed.  When Daniel was asked about one thing, he is most proud of, he stated “me”. He dreams of visiting Hawaii one day. 

Daniel is described by others as helpful and friendly.  It was mentioned he always does his chores and is polite.  Another word used by others to describe Daniel was resilient.  

Daniel will need a family that will provide consistent encouragement and support.  He would be comfortable in a home with or without siblings.  Daniel also would like a family that would support a continued connection with his sister.  He also wants to be in a home that is sports-oriented and will keep him active.