Age: 12

About Aniyah

Aniyah likes to stay busy and do what she can to avoid boredom. She is active outside and loves riding her bike and swimming. She plays sports for fun, particularly soccer, kickball, volleyball and softball. She has never been on an official sports team, but would like to consider possibly joining one. Aniyah likes taking trips to the zoo and waterpark and hopes to go on family vacations and revisit places she has been to before like Wisconsin Dells and Tennessee. Music is very important to Aniyah, and she can often be found listening, singing and dancing to her favorite songs. Hip-hop is her preferred genre of music, but she is open to all types of music. She likes having a radio nearby and even has her own karaoke machine. Aniyah identifies singing and dancing as her biggest strengths and is thinking about possibly being a singer when she is older.

When it comes to quieter activities, Aniyah likes doing arts and crafts like painting. Blue and black are her favorite colors. Aniyah also likes reading and watching television. “Diary of a Wimpy Kid” and “Dork Diaries” are two book series she enjoys most, and “Raven’s Home,” “Girl Meets World” and “Andi Mack” are some of her favorite television shows. Aniyah likes television shows and movies that focus on teenager and family stories. Aniyah’s favorite food is fried chicken, and she likes eating at fast food places like KFC, McDonalds, Dairy Queen and Taco Bell. Aniyah explained that she knows how to make “basic stuff” like grilled cheese sandwiches, mac and cheese and oatmeal. She would like to learn how to cook more advanced dishes and hopes to spend time with her family cooking. Aniyah also looks forward to making friends near her new home and wants to hang out with them after school and do homework together.

Aniyah is described as a sweet girl who enjoys being active. Caregivers have said that she is very helpful and smart. At school, she is bright and curious and often a leader in class discussions. Aniyah is very self-aware and knows her limits. It is important to Aniyah to be listened to, especially when she is frustrated. She calms down easily when time is taken to hear her out; it is important to let her know she is being heard. Music also helps when she is upset. She enjoys getting choices and having some feeling of control.

Aniyah needs a patient and nurturing family who will allow time for a trusting relationship to grow. A family will need to be committed and willing to be strong advocates. A structured environment with routines is highly recommended. Aniyah does well when she is kept busy and has something to do. The family should have experience dealing with trauma or be willing to learn about trauma. Aniyah would like to have siblings and pets in the home and a parent or parents who are loving and kind. Aniyah would like to maintain contact with her biological siblings and hopes a family will encourage and support those relationships.

Aniyah's Case Number: 0101ALS229

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