Age: 11

About Abbey

Abbey is a modest young lady who enjoys pepperoni pizza.  She enjoys listening to rock bands and playing an indie video game series called “Five Nights at Freddie’s”.  Her favorite colors are red and black. Abbey mentioned she also enjoys watching Spongebob and doing “fun things”.

Abbey aspires to be a Game Developer or Robotic Engineer.  She also mentioned an interest in gymnastics. Halloween and Christmas are her favorite holidays.  Abbey has an interest in cooking as well. She mentioned liking cats rather than dogs. Abbey also has an interest in horror themes.  

Others say that Abbey is strong willed and quiet.  It was also mentioned that she is self-motivated and always keeps a neat appearance.  

Abbey will need a loving family that can support her whimsical interest.  She will need a family who will be persistent and encourage her to have new experiences in life.  Abbey has requested that she maintain ties with her siblings.

Abbey's Case Number: 0101ALS269

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