Age: 15

About Adrianna

Adrianna describes herself as “nice, pretty, smart, kind, and helpful”. Adrianna loves to play with her tablet and watch YouTube videos. She enjoys listening to music, and Taylor Swift is her favorite singer. If Adrianna could have a “perfect day”, she would have a horror movie marathon. Adrianna enjoys making dinner, and her favorite meals to make are tacos and spaghetti. She also has a sweet tooth and likes all kind of desserts, especially ice cream cake, Oreo cake, carrot cake, cookies and brownies. Adrianna has not had the opportunity to try baking these sweet treats and is hoping for the opportunity to do so in her forever home. When she wants to be active and spend time outside, Adrianna likes to swim, swing, ride her bike and run around. She believes she is a fast runner and would be interested in trying out for track or the cross-country team. She also enjoys trips to Six Flags and getting to go on all the fun rides. Adrianna has never been camping, but is curious to try it and see what it is like to stay in a cabin overnight. In school, Adrianna enjoys all subjects, but especially enjoys math and is very proud of her grades. She is thinking about being a preschool teacher when she grows up. Adrianna’s favorite color is pink, and her favorite animals are pigs. She thinks it would be cool to have a pig as a pet, but would also be very happy with cats and dogs in the home. Adrianna would love a family that enjoys to travel. If she could pick anywhere to travel to, she would pick New York. Adrianna is described as a happy child who is personable, likable and helpful. She is very willing to help with chores around the classroom and at home. Adrianna thrives on activities where she receives one-on-one attention from an adult. Others have said that Adrianna is a nice, sweet and funny girl who likes to laugh.

Adrianna needs a loving family that will provide her with a structured environment where consequences of actions are explained ahead of time. Adrianna will do well in a home that displays positive adult relationships and models appropriate boundaries and social skills; additional support is available for families interested in learning more. Adrianna is family-oriented and treasures visits with her siblings, so it is important that a forever family helps her maintain those relationships.

Adrianna's Case Number: 0101ALS221

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