Ashanti and Alandis

Ages: 5-13

About Ashanti and Alandis

Put on your running shoes if you are going to keep up with Ashanti. She prides herself on being a fast runner and bike rider. She loves outdoor activities where she has lots of space to run, skip and jump. She is very friendly and loves affection. Ashanti has a great memory, and once she warms up to you she has a bubbly personality. She loves to laugh and loves sparkly clothes. Purple is her favorite color. She loves baby dolls and watching cartoons on the Disney Channel. Ashanti looks up to her big sister Alandis. Alandis loves to sing and has a beautiful voice; Alicia Keys is one of her favorite artists. Her personality is bright and bubbly. She is very friendly and loves to make people laugh. Alandis describes herself as being a good friend and is very loyal. Her favorite color is pink, and orange chicken is one of her favorite foods. She is not shy and loves to engage in conversation. Alandis enjoys doing her nails, watching TV and drawing. She takes pride in being a great big sister to Ashanti.

Ashanti is a sweet little girl who is very active and loves one-on-one attention. She is also quite the helper. She does not enjoy naptime but is content with just being quiet and still while the others nap. Ashanti is very friendly and very curious! Alandis is very free-hearted. She loves to talk about everything from school to science fiction. She has a caring personality and is a good big sister to Ashanti. Alandis has a very vivid imagination and she has a great memory too.

Ashanti and Alandis are very close sisters and they want to stay together. They will need a supportive, patient family that is trauma-informed or willing to learn about trauma. The girls will thrive in an active family that will encourage them to try new things and build self-esteem. Alandis would like a pet bunny; and she like small dogs too!

Ashanti and Alandis's Case Number: 0101ALS109, 0101ALS104

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