Age: 5

About Ashanti

Put on your running shoes if you are going to keep up with Ashanti. Ashanti loves to be on the move. Ashanti enjoys riding scooters and bikes. Ashanti has a big imagination which she often expresses through imaginary play. Ashanti has an outgoing personality but may appear shy until she warms up to you. She loves watching Mickey Mouse Playhouse and a variety of other shows on Disney Channel. During play time, she likes to play with dolls, toys and put together puzzles.
Ashanti is a curious, outspoken and friendly little girl. Ashanti has an incredible memory. She loves to ask questions and chat about any topic that comes across her mind. Ashanti enjoys going to school and interacting with her peers.
Ashanti is bonded to her older sister which is a relationship that should be maintained. Ashanti will thrive in an active family who will encourage her imagination and engage her curiosity. Ashanti is not familiar with having pets.

Ashanti's Case Number: 0101ALS109

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