Age: 14

About Brian

Sports Enthusiasts, Brian is the guy for you! Athletic, Brian enjoys staying active and playing sports. Brian has recently joined his high school’s wrestling team. Brian stated, “ I would follow wrestling all the way to the Olympics if I reach that far”. His other interest in sports include football, basketball, volleyball, track, wrestling and baseball. Brian has previously played football, volleyball and basketball. Brian is a huge Pittsburg Steelers fan as football is his favorite sport of all despite his passion for wrestling as stated earlier. Brian’s dream day would consist of waking up on a spring day and playing whatever sport he is involved in at the time. 

Brian likes school and enjoys learning. Brian’s favorite subject is math. Brian aspires to attend Northwestern or Stanford University to study computer engineering. After college, Brian dreams of working for either Apple or Google. 

Brian is described as friendly, talkative, confident, caring and goal oriented. Brian is helpful and will complete chores. Brian engages well with peers and maintains positive peer relations. As a sports enthusiast Brian knows the importance of maintenance and preparation, he enjoys working out and sleeping. He likes Madden and Call of Duty video games. Brian’s favorite board games are Monopoly, Life and Uno card game. Brian listens to Rap and Gospel Music. Brian has interest in traveling to Australia one day. Brian’s favorite foods are pancakes and fried chicken. 

Brian desires a family that will provide love and understanding. The family should demonstrate empathy, patience, guidance and problem solving. Brian likes cats and dogs

Brian's Case Number: ALS0101272

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