Age: 10

About Brian

Brian is a friendly, active, and joyful boy who loves to laugh. He is always doing or saying something funny. He is learning to become more independent and to do certain tasks on his own. He enjoys helping around the house with chores and prepping for meals. One of Brian’s household goals is to learn to do his own laundry. Brian has a healthy appetite. His favorite food is sausage and pepperoni pizza. He also enjoys a PB&J sandwich with a tall glass of milk. His favorite activities include playing outdoors and watching Sponge Bob. Brian also enjoys going to the park, watching football, playing with Legos, riding his bike and video games. His favorite games are…yes, you guessed it! Minecraft and Fortnite. His favorite movie is Captain Marvel, and he reported his favorite superhero is Captain America. Brian says, “Captain America has a really cool shield.” When asked about music, Brian stated “I’m not sure what music I like the most, but my favorite song is God’s Plan.” He says it “reminds him of God and how God is with him”. Brian reported that if he could go anywhere in the world, he would visit Disneyland and New York, because he would like to meet Mickey Mouse and see the Statue of Liberty. He was amazed to learn that he can get close to lady liberty and take pictures! I think Brian is ready to explore the world around him. Brian says he sometimes has a difficult time hearing “no” especially when it’s something he really wants. He reported that when this happens, he will yell and say things that he really doesn’t mean, but he always writes an apology note. Brian has made great strides in correcting these behaviors and would like a family who is patient and willing to work with him.

Brian’s favorite things about school are math, recess, his friends, and his teacher. Brian reported he is very good at math and really enjoys subtraction. He stated making friends is “sometimes hard, and sometimes easy” for him.

Brian is anxiously awaiting his forever family! Brian will thrive in a home with a consistent and structured environment that will make him feel safe and wanted. A family who will encourage him to do the best he can in his daily activities. When asked what he would want a perspective family to know about him, Brian stated “I am nice and funny.” If you think Brian would be an asset to your family, please let us know.

Brian's Case Number: 0101ALS145

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