Age: 15

About Daniayah

Daniayah is a very lively young lady who is a whiz on computers! When she is not immersed in technology, she enjoys hanging out with her friends, taking long naps,  a good movie, shopping, or spending time with family.  Daniayah reported her favorite movie of all time is The Hate you Give, and her most recent favorite is Just Mercy.  Her favorite restaurant is Pappadeaux and her favorite stores are Bath & Body and P.I.N.K.  Danaiyah also loves to cook and says, “I know my way around the kitchen.”  Her signature dish is Meatballs in her special sauce, with mashed potatoes and corn.  Danaiyah is a self-proclaimed “neat freak” and is very organized, so there won’t be any concern with doing chores.  She is said to be very thoughtful, independent, and does her best with any task.  Danaiyah enjoys attending church and has a Christian background.  On a scale of 1-10, Danaiyah says attending church is a 9 for her.

Danaiyah is said to be a good student, and a social butterfly.  She makes friends easily and is able to maintain those friendships.  She participates in the student council and has dreams of attending college in the state of Florida after graduation, more specifically The University of Miami.  She hasn’t made any concrete decision about her major but has narrowed it down to law, social work, or nursing.

The ideal family for Danaiyah would need to provide a well-structured environment, consistency and encourage extracurricular activities that promote growth and leadership. Danaiyah is open to siblings but has expressed concern about having “too many.”  She is also open to pets (except cats due to allergies) and is looking forward to finding her forever family.  If you think Danaiyah would make a great addition to your family, please contact us.

Daniayah's Case Number: 0101ALS132

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