Age: 13

About Daniel

Daniel is a softhearted young man who enjoys gummi bears.  His favorite color is red which coincides with his favorite holiday which is Christmas.  Daniel stated he just wants to “live life” and play video games.  His favorite game to play is “NBA 2K”.  Daniel also mentioned he liked going to Pizza Hut and enjoying a supreme pizza with family and friends. 

Daniel aspires to join the NBA and is still exploring other career goals if that dream is missed.  He mentioned his favorite subject as math and an interest in attending Kentucky State University.  Daniel does not have a dog but mentioned a German Shepard as his favorite breed.  When Daniel was asked about one thing, he is most proud of, he stated “me”. He dreams of visiting Hawaii one day. 

Daniel is described by others as helpful and friendly.  It was mentioned he always does his chores and is polite.  Another word used by others to describe Daniel was resilient.  

Daniel will need a family that will provide consistent encouragement and support.  He would be comfortable in a home with or without siblings.  Daniel also would like a family that would support a continued connection with his sister.  He also wants to be in a home that is sports-oriented and will keep him active.

Daniel's Case Number: 0101ALS270

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