Age: 13

About Desiree

This young lady is very active and likes to keep a busy schedule. One thing that takes up a lot of her time is sports! She plays volleyball, basketball, soccer and softball and is also considering joining track, cross country and golf. Desiree not only participates in sports, but also watches them. Her favorite sports team is the Warriors and her favorite player is Stephen Curry. Dancing and singing are other favorite activities and Desiree currently attends a jazz, tap and hip-hop dance class while also singing in the choir and participating in local musicals. Her favorite singer is Ariana Grande. When it is time to slow down and not be so active, Desiree watches TV shows like “Grey’s Anatomy,” “Richie Rich,” “Andi Mack,” “Lost in Space” and “Maggie & Bianca Fashion Friends.” She also likes watching movies of almost any genre, including comedy, horror, musicals and films about sports. Desiree likes to draw, mainly focusing on drawing people or flowers. Her favorite food is pepperoni pizza, and while she does not consider herself to be much of a cook, she does like to help make fried chicken. Desiree prefers baking and makes cupcakes, cakes and brownies. Desiree likes going to school and believes math is her best subject. While she knows she wants to attend college, she is not yet sure what she will study or what career she will pursue. Desiree said she might want to study science and possible career options could be becoming a doctor or playing professional sports. Desiree used the following words to describe herself: “funny, silly, smart and athletic.” She considers herself to be a good friend and explained she helps her friends with homework, cheers them up when they’re sad, and gives them advice when they are not behaving. Desiree’s kindness extends to animals, and she loves having pets in the home. She currently helps take care of her pet dogs and cats and would love to have other pets like hamsters, guinea pigs, snakes and fish.

Desiree has been described as outgoing, friendly, hardworking and helpful. Desiree can also be very sweet and affectionate. She is good with younger children and loves to be a mentor at school. Desiree started attending a new school and has won over her teachers and staff. The staff have expressed that Desiree is very smart and kind, and always wants to be a helper. Desiree’s current caregiver has said that Desiree can be a big help around the house and is very loving. The caregiver believes that Desiree has a lot of potential to do great things and that she is very athletic and good in school when she applies herself.

A family for Desiree should be trauma-informed or be willing to get training and gain knowledge in this area. A family who is willing to participate in therapy with Desiree would be beneficial. Desiree needs structure, love and support. A family will need to ensure that Desiree continues to be involved in numerous sports and clubs to help build her socialization skills. Desiree wants to be adopted and to find her place in a family. Desiree hopes to find parents who are fun, nice and silly. She wants her forever family to play sports with her and come cheer her on at her many activities. Desiree would like to travel with her forever family and the first places she wants to see are Florida and Hawaii so she can spend time on the beach and swim in the ocean. Other spots on her travel list include Tokyo, China and New York. Finally, Desiree wants a family who will help her to maintain relationships with her siblings and allow her to visit with them.

Desiree's Case Number: 0101C8140

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