Age: 12

About Dwone

If you are a New York Giants fan, Dwone is the guy for you. Dwone loves football especially the Giants and Chicago Bears. Dwone currently plays football and dreams of becoming an NFL player. Dwone loves being active, desiring to also join a basketball team and track team during their respective seasons. Dwone enjoys being outdoors and is interested in going camping. In his free time, Dwone likes to color almost anything, draw pictures of anime and cartoons and work on his Lifebook. Dwone listens to Christian Hip Hop and Rap Music. Dwone regularly enjoys playing video games on almost any game system but especially WII, PlayStation and Xbox.

Dwone is bright, kind, polite, friendly and observant. He has a great sense of humor and a caring heart. Dwone shared that he would open a free café for the homeless, if money was not an issue.  Dwone loves reading and borrows books regularly. Dwone’s favorite book is “The Giving Tree”.  Dwone’s loves Sweet Potatoes and his favorite candy is DeMets Turtles (Caramel Nut Clusters), holding a sentimental meaning to him. Dwone engages well with peers, adults and often exhibits leadership abilities. Dwone responds well to structure and routine.

Dwone desires a family who is patient and committed to providing support. Dwone has a close relationship with his younger brother which should be maintained. He is allergic to cats and dogs.

Dwone's Case Number: 0101ALS255

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