Age: 15

About Elijah

Elijah is a creative young man who is good at drawing and coloring pictures. He finds enjoyment in art and music and identifies both as good coping techniques that help him to feel calm. Elijah’s favorite type of music is rap, and while he has tried rapping before, he prefers to leave it to the professionals and just listen. Like most teenage boys, video games are a big interest for Elijah. His favorites are “Call of Duty,” “Grand Theft Auto” and anything that involves racing cars. Elijah likes reading comic books and watching movies and television shows, especially “Impractical Jokers” because he finds it very funny.

When he wants to spend time outside, Elijah goes for walks, rides his bike and shoots basketball hoops. He does not currently play any sports but likes baseball and roots for the Cardinals. Elijah thinks wrestling and track might be fun sports to try one day. Elijah stated that school is not always easy for him, but he still loves it and is interested in all his subjects. A bonus is getting to see his friends at school. He loves helping other children and peers. Teachers report that Elijah is a kind student and his attitude is generally positive. A previous caregiver says that Elijah is a great kid and does well in school; at home, they had fun cooking together. Elijah reports that he is still in the process of learning how to cook and hopes to pursue a career as a chef. While Elijah likes to cook vegetables, he admits that he has a sweet tooth and his favorite foods are sweets and candies. In addition to learning to cook, Elijah’s other goals include working to improve his behaviors and how he interacts with others. A family for Elijah should be resilient, patient and experienced. His forever family must be strong advocates for the services that will help him thrive at home and in school as well as help him function into adulthood. Elijah needs a family who is willing to be supportive now and in the future. Elijah responds well to routine, redirection, structure and consistency. He is motivated by incentives and loves receiving praise and rewards for positive choices and completing tasks. When it comes to a family for him, Elijah said he hopes for “someone nice” and “someone that loves me.” He wants to find a place to call home. Elijah would enjoy having pets in the home – a dog (maybe a pit bull) and a hamster. Elijah also wants to do fun stuff with his family, like play video games together and go on trips to places like Texas. Finally, it is important to Elijah that a family help him to maintain a relationship with his sister.

Elijah's Case Number: 0101ALS261

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