Age: 12

About Ethan

Ethan has been described as a loving and caring person who is a big helper. When he is older, he would like to be a police officer so he can help people. Ethan is artistic and excels in art class. He especially loves drawing and coloring. This year, he learned about drafting, which he really enjoyed and also had fun using a protractor to make circles in his artwork. Next, Ethan would like to learn how to make a picture by only making dots on the paper. Ethan likes to keep some of his artwork for himself and to give some away as gifts. 


Ethan does well when he stays busy and is active. Currently, he is participating in wrestling and learning all the different moves. Although he is not involved in baseball right now, it is one of his favorite sports and he hopes to play on a team one day. He also likes to watch baseball on TV and roots for both the Chicago Cubs and Chicago White Sox. Other activities Ethan enjoys are playing basketball and swimming. 


At home, Ethan reads comics, plays videogames (like Roblox), and watches television shows and movies. His favorite show is “The Amazing World of Gumball” and favorite movie is “Spider-Man.” If he gets to decide where to eat, Ethan’s choices are McDonalds and Dairy Cream, where he orders a McChicken sandwich for dinner and Oreo blizzard for dessert. Ethan wants to learn how to cook and the first recipe he would like to tackle is homemade pumpkin pie. 


Ethan loves all animals and recently had a great experience spending time caring for animals on a farm. He would love to have a pet dog, cat, and/or fish. Ethan enjoys spending time with his caregivers and going places together. He hopes to travel and named Disney World and Paris as his top two destinations to visit. Ethan is excited to go on all the rides at Disney World and climb the Eiffel Tower. 


Ethan will do well in a home where he can receive one-on-one attention. He thrives in a structured environment. It is very important for Ethan to maintain relationships with his biological siblings.

Ethan's Case Number: 0101ALS174

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