Age: 10

About Heather

Heather is very energetic; she loves to stay busy. Heather has a bubbly personality; she does not shy away from being the center of attention. She loves to laugh and make others laugh. Heather likes to do flips and cartwheels; gymnastics may be a great activity for her. Her favorite colors are pink, purple and yellow. Heather loves school and spending time with her peers during free time. Her favorite food is mac and cheese. Heather is very excited about being adopted. She has never traveled outside the state of Illinois and would like to travel. Heather hopes her new family will take her on family trips. She particularly would like to travel to New York.

Heather is very inquisitive and curious about everything and always wants to learn by exploring new things. She has become more self-aware and is able to build from her improvements.

It is important for a family to provide structure and a daily routine while being loving and providing a nurturing environment. Heather would thrive best in a family where she receives one on one attention.

Heather's Case Number: 0101ALS256

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