Age: 12

About Iro

Iro describes himself as smart, funny, and strong, both physically & mentally. Iro loves building things, especially Lego sets and puzzles. He is currently in the middle of putting together a 1000 piece puzzle. He believes he is good at puzzles because it takes a lot of strategy and organization, two skills he is good at. Iro has developed an interest in anime and his favorite series is Bleach, which he has almost completed. If Iro could go anywhere in the world he would go to Antarctica so he can see the arctic wolves, an animal he has read a lot about. Iro’s dream is to become a superhero and go wherever he wants. He also thinks it would be pretty cool to live inside the sun. Iro enjoys playing soccer, tennis, and basketball. If he had to pick a favorite athlete, he would say Michael Jordan. When he is older, Iro would like to go to college for computer programming because he is good with computers. Iro thinks others would describe him as smart and mischievous. He would like a family that likes to go to new places and if he could pick anywhere to go, he would love to go to Disney World for the first time. He would also enjoy going to his first Chicago Blackhawks game.

Iro is described as resilient and intelligent. He also thrives in school, academically, and loves to read. Iro does well with structure and being in activities that will keep him busy. He can utilize coping skills, such as music, sensory items/fidget spinners, and art. He also verbalizes his needs well and communicates well with adults. Iro has a strong desire to form positive bonds with others and tries his best to do so.

Iro would benefit from caregivers who are patient and understanding of his needs. Iro desires a family that loves him and wants him to succeed. A family for Iro should be open to additional training. Iro would love a family that has a dog and would also enjoy having an older or younger brother in the home.

Iro's Case Number: 0101ALS303

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