Age: 10

About Isaiah

*Isaiah is part of a sibling group with Sincere, 14.

Funny and talkative, Isaiah loves to listen to music, spend time with his sister. He’s engaging, polite and has good manners.

Isaiah likes going to school and his current goal is to achieve all A’s. “It’s important that my forever family helps me with completing my school work”, Isaiah told his recruiter. Isaiah has traveled to many states and has been away to summer camp several times. Isaiah’s adventurous- enjoying the outdoors and he desires to travel more often in the future.

Artistic at heart, Isaiah loves to draw images of cartoon characters, food and objects. In his free time, Isaiah likes to draw and listen to music. “I am good at building things with my hands and I can do some origami”, Isaiah told his recruiter.

Isaiah likes to play sports. He loved being a part of a flag football which he notes as his favorite experience. Isaiah is interested in participating in football again, but his current heart’s desire is to take a boxing class. Also, Isaiah would like to take a horseback riding class after having such a great experience horseback riding.

Isaiah is likeable, outgoing and friendly. Isaiah is articulate and a self- advocate. Isaiah does well academically and forms good relationships with his peers. He likes Legos, football and basketball.

Isaiah needs a family who is loving, supportive, empathetic. They should be willing to explore age appropriate activities with him. Isaiah functions well with clear boundaries and established limitations. His family should become familiar with at-risk youth who have experienced trauma and understand the effects of trauma. Isaiah is close to his older sister and this relationship should be maintained. Isaiah would like a family that respects and understands him. Isaiah enjoys pets, preferably dogs.

Isaiah's Case Number: 0101ALS245

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