Jacob and Natalee

Ages: 15-16

About Jacob and Natalee

Meet Jacob

Jacob is a happy, resilient young man who enjoys interacting with others and playing outside.   When Jacob graduates from high school, he would like to go to college and become a train conductor, which is no surprise due to his love for trains.  Jacob loves the Marvel movies and if he had to pick a favorite superhero, he says Spiderman.  His favorite subjects are social studies and reading.  Jacob’s favorite meal is McDonald’s chicken nuggets and ice cream.   He loves to watch hockey and aspires to play hockey in the Special Olympics at his school next year.   He also enjoys playing basketball.  In his free time, Jacob loves listening to country music and reading comic books, such as Percy Jackson.  Jacob has a big imagination and likes to pretend what it would be like if the stories in the Percy Jackson series were real.  Jacob loves to laugh and enjoys watching Americas Funniest Videos.  He also loves to read, and his favorite series is currently the Lunar Chronicles.  Jacob’s dream day is spending time in Downtown Chicago.

Jacob is described as affectionate and loving.  He likes to be part of all the action in the household and does best when kept busy.  Jacobs has a lot of energy to expel and likes to play with children who are his age or younger.  Jacobs enjoys the school environment and receives favorable comments from his teachers and school staff.

A family for Jacob should have patience and understanding of his needs.  The family should be open to additional trainings in order to learn how to meet his needs.  Jacob would like an adoptive family that is involved in many extracurricular activities or attends fun community events.  Jacob would like his adoptive family to be patient and affectionate.

Meet Natalee

Natalee is a young teen with countless interests and talents.  Natalee is most proud of her art and the stories she writes.  Natalee’s dream is to go to New York University or University of California (Los Angeles) to study engineering or architecture.  These aspirations stem from her love for drawing.  She also has a talent for welding.  Natalee loves traveling and her favorite place to visit is Disney World (when she was younger, she even had a season pass).  Although Natalee is active, she also enjoys relaxing and watching Criminal Minds, NCIS, Greys Anatomy, or any of the Marvel Movies.  Natalee describes herself as a good student and her favorite classes are English and Drama.   Natalee has a love for spicy food and in her free time, enjoys baking.  She typically Googles recipes to make and so far, her favorite recipe has been lava cake.  Natalee loves the outdoors, especially camping and doing archery.  Natalee also has a love for music.  She isn’t picky but would say that Panic at the Disco, Fall Out Boy, Pink Floyd are some of her favorite bands.  When she has free time at school, Natalee is known to go into the band room and play various instruments such as piano, violin, clarinet, flute, drums, and the guitar.  She also strives to be in the color guard at school.  Natalee is an animal lover and would love to have a dog or a parrot as a pet.  In the future, Natalee would like to volunteer for the Special Olympics.

Natalee is described as artistic, smart, friendly, and polite.  She enjoys having pets and loves reading.  She is helpful and follows the rules.  Natalee is extremely protective of her brother and has been a constant support for him as they’ve grown up.

Natalee would like a family that has trust and understanding.  She would like her adoptive family to be fun, patient, kind and supportive.  She would like to be open and honest with the family, so she feels comfortable coming to them for help.  Jacob and Natalee are looking for a family that is open to adopting both.

Jacob and Natalee's Case Number: 0101ALS302 (Jacob), 0101ALS301 (Natalee)

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