Age: 10

About Jacoyous

Jacoyous is outgoing young man who displays self-confidence in all that he does. He is very loving and has a magnetic personality with a great sense of humor. He is very athletic and enjoys all sports. Jacoyous also has a fondness of animals and a special place in his heart for dogs. He is also an excellent dog walker!

Jacoyous’ teachers say he is a good student who works very hard. He interacts well with his peers and often sticks up for those individuals who are being bullied. He is a champion for the people!

Jacoyous will do well in a single- or two-parent home in Illinois that is active, outgoing and willing to support his interests. A family that is patient and committed to providing a loving structured environment is the ideal family for him.

Jacoyous's Case Number: 0101ALS239

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