Age: 7

About Jamarie

Jamarie is a sweet-natured young man, who enjoys having fun! What does he like to do for fun you ask…well let me tell you! Jamarie enjoys playing board games, watching the PBS channel, drawing, building with Legos, and going to the movies; his favorite movie is the Avengers. You guessed it! Iron Man is his favorite superhero. When Jamarie is outside he likes to go to the park or ride his bike with friends. In addition, Jamarie is very active and has participated in several extracurricular activities such as football, baseball, karate, and swimming! Jamarie said “I want a family that will let me continue with my sports.” Did I mention Jamarie loves to travel, and has already been to New York? Jamarie said “I want to visit more places.”

Jamarie enjoys school and makes friends easily. He is said to be a little chatterbox at times and is working on being compliant when redirected. When asked about his favorite subject, Jamarie stated “I like math” and says he is very good at addition and subtraction. Jamarie’s favorite food is burgers with the works, and sources also say he has a mean sweet tooth.

Jamarie will certainly thrive with understanding, loving parents who will be able to address his needs and give him the attention and affection he deserves. When asked what kind of family he would like, Jamarie said “I want a family that will allow me to visit with my siblings, has older children, and pets, but no Bull dogs.”

Jamarie's Case Number: 0101C8300

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