Age: 11

About James

James is a creative boy who has written some of his own song lyrics and makes his own artwork! He loves playing outside and staying active. James enjoys swimming and is interested in football and soccer. He is currently on a basketball team and hopes to join a baseball team as well. James is an avid follower of professional basketball and his two favorite teams are the Golden State Warriors and the Celtics. James also loves music and dancing. He prefers pop music and Taylor Swift’s song “Look What You Made Me Do” is a favorite of his. At school, James is a visual learner and his favorite classes are recess, art, and math. He is interested in cars and his dream is to own a Bugatti Veyron Super Sport. James also likes Pokémon, Dragon Ball Z, playing video games and putting things together like Legos. He has a wide range of favorite foods, including carrots, cupcakes and Orange Chicken. Steak ‘n Shake is one of his top picks when it comes to restaurants, and he loves to get a cookie dough shake. At home, James is learning new skills in a cooking class and loves to help bake, especially French toast, cupcakes, and cakes. He loves reading and his current favorite is the Percy Jackson series. When James grows up, he would like to either be a police officer or go into the military because he likes looking after people.

James likes to help people and has been described as caring, sweet, loving and kind. When at home, he likes to lend a hand with chores. When at school, he likes to assist teachers and his peers. Some of James’ identified strengths include being friendly, having good manners and encouraging others to stay positive.

A family who is patient, can provide structure and set up routines is key for James. This family will need to be advocates for James. James is comforted by personal contact, which helps him calm down.

James's Case Number: 0101ALS248

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