Age: 8

About Jamier

Jamier is described as having tons of energy! He is also described as kind, funny, outgoing and a quick learner. Jamier has goals, and one of those includes becoming stronger. To achieve this goal, Jamier swims and works out and is active with his biggest passion – basketball! Michael Jordan and Steph Curry are his favorite basketball players, while his favorite teams are the Bulls, Lakers and Golden State Warriors. He even has a collection of basketball jerseys that he wears often. Currently, Jamier plays basketball with his friends or shoots hoops by himself, but he is very interested in joining a team. He is a fan of virtual basketball as well and his most treasured video game is NBA 2K19. On weekends, Jamier plays video games or plays with his tablet as a reward for good behavior. He loves receiving attention and recognition for his hard work. Jamier also enjoys watching television (“SpongeBob SquarePants”) and movies (“The Fast and the Furious” series) and listening to music (“Old Town Road” by Lil Nas X).

Jamier reports that he is a helpful person at home and at school. He likes to keep his room clean and assist with groceries and trash duties. Jamier enjoys conversations with his caregiver and loves when she cooks. His favorite food is cheese pizza and favorite drink is red Gatorade. At school, Jamier does well working one-on-one with a teacher and is very proud when he is able to complete his work successfully. When he is older, Jamier would like to drive a city bus or be a police officer.

Jamier would do best with one or two experienced parents who can provide the one-on-one attention he needs to thrive. He will benefit from a family that is naturally nurturing, caring and loving. This family must be strong advocates for the services that will help him to succeed socially, emotionally and in the school environment. A family for Jamier will need to have time and energy devoted to him, especially because he is eager to do many things together, including playing sports and video games, cooking and going on vacations. Jamier is hoping his forever family will be nice parents with a pet dog.

Jamier's Case Number: 0101ALS107

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