Age: 10

About Jasmine

Jasmine is polite, caring, smart, creative and witty. She is friendly, talkative and energetic; and has an affectionate heart. She is working on her self-image by journaling about her thoughts and feelings. Jasmine is an avid reader and enjoys drawing Anime. She is athletic, active and likes to play outdoors. She enjoys sports, and running is her favorite. She has a healthy appetite and is open to trying new foods. Jasmine loves barbies, watching anime and listening to music. She has expressed an interest in becoming a singer or songwriter. Jasmine cares for the needs of others and is friendly with peers and adults. Jasmine’s teacher reports that she works best in small group environments; and her friendly and witty personality is a benefit to their classroom. Jasmine will do well in a household where she is the only child; and will benefit from a family that will be committed to her and provide her with love and support.

Jasmine's Case Number: 0101ALS252

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