Age: 14

About Jaxson

Jaxson has a lot of energy and is very active. Some of his favorite outdoor activities include riding dirt bikes, regular bikes, four-wheelers, electric scooters, hoover boards and skateboards. Jaxson is a swimmer and prefers swimming in inground swimming pools, but will also swim in lakes and rivers. He would like to visit California again, and while he is not interested in swimming in the ocean because of sharks, he would love the opportunity to go hiking in the mountains. Jaxson likes going to school and does not have a favorite class, but does enjoy art and getting to draw and color, and he also really likes playing hockey in gym class. Other sports Jaxson enjoys are wrestling, basketball and football. His favorite football team is the Patriots and one of his favorite videogames is NBA 2K13. Jaxson is a big fan of video games and hopes to find a family that will play video games and board games with him, especially his favorites – chess and checkers. Jaxson keeps his mind and hands busy by reconstructing and building things and is often found playing with Legos, puzzles and a Rubik’s Cube. Other toys Jaxson enjoys are remote control cars, Matchbox cars, Hot Wheels, Power Rangers, Pokémon and YuGi-Oh! Jaxson likes watching television shows and movies, listening to music and reading books; and explained that he cannot pick favorites because he likes all different kinds and is open to anything. Finally, when Jaxson was asked what word describes the type of person he is, he stated “positive.”

Jaxson has been described as very sweet and caring and enjoyable to be around. He likes to be social and play with his peers. He can be a very cheerful and talkative boy. Jaxson is learning to better express himself and avoid negativity.

A family for Jaxson should be well-educated in trauma. This family should be patient and able to help redirect him when necessary. Jaxson does well when he is supervised and kept busy. A family should have a lot of energy and must be willing to spend time engaging Jaxson in social interactions and making sure his needs are met emotionally. He would do best in a home where he is the youngest child. Jaxson stated that he wants “a family that loves me.” He would also like to be able to maintain contact with his siblings.

Jaxson's Case Number: 0101ALS159

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