Age: 11

About JayKyle

Animal and Insect lovers, JayKyle is the kiddo for you. JayKyle enjoys learning about the different classes of animals, specifically insects as he has a fascination with spiders- mainly tarantulas. JayKyle is an introvert, enjoying his alone time. JayKyle prefers indoor activities, especially spending time on his electronics. During free time, JayKyle likes to watch television and play video games. JayKyle is currently watching Netflix series “Raising Dion” and “Beyblades”. He also really enjoys watching “Brave the Wilderness” series on YouTube. JayKyle will play videogames on almost any console, his favorite game is Minecraft.

JayKyle is a shy, quiet, sweet and well-mannered homebody. JayKyle thrives in structure. JayKyle likes going to school, actively participates and excels academically. At school, he enjoys art, drawing, math and hands-on activities. JaysKyle favorite color is Gold and his favorite food is cheeseburgers.

The ideal family for JayKyle will be accepting and patient with his sedentary lifestyle. A family must provide structure, redirection and a nurturing environment. JayKyle has a close relationship and ongoing contact with his brothers which should be maintained.

JayKyle's Case Number: 0101ALS284

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