Age: 14

About Jedidiah

Jedidiah, who prefers to be called Jed, is an adventurous person who likes being outdoors. Some of his favorite activities are swimming, jumping on a trampoline, and playing basketball. While Jed is a Lebron James fan, his all-time favorite basketball player is Michael Jordan.  Jed is also a football fan and likes to watch games on television and root for his favorite team the San Francisco 49ers. Like most teenage boys, Jed loves videogames, especially Minecraft. He is interested in exotic animals like snakes and ferrets, but is also happy playing with and caring for his foster family’s dog.  Jed enjoys doing things together as a family and would love to go on vacations and trips. When asked if he could visit any place on earth, Jed picked Africa. His three wishes are to have a sports car, travel to Las Vegas, and play with the San Francisco 49ers.  

Jed is a helpful person and does not mind doing his chores. He is described as friendly, thoughtful, a good listener, and someone who is always smiling. It is also said that Jed is appreciative and “doesn’t take things for granted.” Jed’s favorite part about going to school is seeing his friends, but when it comes to his classes, math is his favorite subject. When thinking about his future, Jed said he wants to be in the army or work in construction.  

Jed is eager to be adopted and desires a family. He looks forward to being accepted into a new home.  Jed needs a family that can provide structure, help him stay active, and allow him to express himself.  He will need continued resources that will support his growth.  

Jedidiah's Case Number: 0101ALS279

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