Age: 11

About Jeremiah

Jeremiah is a strong, yet sensitive child with a big heart. He is charming, sociable and interacts well with others. He is a happy child who is full of energy and smiles often. Jeremiah loves to play with Legos, draw and color. He takes pride in his appearance and can’t stop checking himself out when he gets all dressed up! Jeremiah is improving in school and continues to work hard with the help and support of his education team. He is eager to make good choices and please adults; and he just loves to have your attention. Jeremiah interacts well with his peers overall. He can become distracted and get off focus at times, but is easily redirected.

Jeremiah needs clear instructions about expectations, supervision and gentle reminders about listening. Jeremiah receives supportive services and is steadily progressing with controlling his emotions and communicating his feelings. With the right role models, Jeremiah will grow into a compassionate person with the potential to create a positive impact in the community. It is his heart’s desire to find his forever family. Jeremiah needs a family who will provide him with love, nurturing, structure and a routine. The family will be hands-on and attentive with learning, interacting, playing and bonding. The family needs to be patient, loving and able to advocate for his needs. It will be very beneficial for Jeremiahs’ family to allow him to participate in extracurricular activities that are developmentally appropriate

Jeremiah's Case Number: 0101S01019431

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