Age: 13

About Jerichiah

Jerichiah is a well-spoken young man who is fun to be around. Others describe him as personable, sweet, respectful and kind. Jerichiah describes himself as “nice, funny, helpful and hardworking.” He does a great job advocating for himself, communicates his wants and needs very well and can recognize when he needs to remove himself from stressful situations. His foster parent says Jerichiah is an amazing kid and a big strength is that he can apologize and acknowledge when he has made a mistake. Jerichiah and his foster parent enjoy one-on-one conversations where they can be open and honest with one another.

For fun, Jerichiah loves playing video games like Fortnite and Roblox and watching or playing sports. This year, Jerichiah is interested in playing basketball and possibly joining the wrestling and track teams. He likes outside activities like camping and going to parks, but also relaxing activities that can be done with a family, like going to the movies, watching television and eating dinner together. When it comes to food, Jerichiah says he is not a picky eater and his favorites include mac and cheese, lasagna and burgers and fries. Unlike most kids his age, he also enjoys eating raw vegetables! Jerichiah is learning how to cook and has currently mastered the process of cooking noodles in the microwave.

Jerichiah is bright and likes going to school. Science and social studies are his favorite subjects. He especially likes learning about history and the Spartans. While he is not yet sure what career he would like to pursue as an adult, he does plan to attend college and would like to go to college somewhere in Illinois or Michigan.

Jerichiah will do best with a family who is calm, loving and careful with their words. He thrives in a structured environment. There must be clear boundaries and continued follow-through. If Jerichiah learns a rule, he would like to help set his own consequences for breaking that rule. Jerichiah wants a family that can help him work through his emotions and feelings and process his frustrations. He also wants a family that can give him his space to be independent and alone when he wants to be. It is very important for Jerichiah to maintain relationships with his biological brother and aunt.

Jerichiah's Case Number: 0101C8120

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