Age: 12

About Jyireia

Jyireia who prefers J.J is a very sweet and laid–back teen but has a strong personality. JJ loves to be silly and goofy at times, she is also very family orientated. J.J’s biggest support is her older sister, whom she is very close with and would like to maintain that relationship. J.J is a girly girl. She loves to keep her hair and nails fresh and changes both frequently. J.J. loves to sing, dance, watch tv and read in her free time. Her favorite shows to watch are American Horror Stories and Stranger Things. J.J’s favorite colors are purple, pink, and blue. She likes to listen to Hip Hop and gospel rap. One of her favorite artists is Diego Feller. J.J. enjoys going to church but does not have a religious preference. She would like to continue to engage in church services and activities. J.J.’s favorite foods are Krispy Kreme donuts, chicken alfredo and cheeseburgers.

J.J. likes everything about school and enjoys reading and being helpful. J.J. is a good leader and participates in class discussions and lessons. J.J. takes pride in completing her assignments in class and at home. She plans to attend college and study engineering. She can test boundaries at times; therefore, structure and consistency are important. J.J. wants a family that will not give up on her in the moment or when times get tough.

J.J. wants older siblings to mentor and guide her. A loving and nurturing home where J.J. will receive a lot of attention and patience and allow her time to build a bond and trusting relationship. J.J. would also like a family who is supportive in maintaining a relationship with her older sister. J.J. would like the family to be very active, especially in swimming, boat riding and zip-lining.

Jyireia's Case Number: 0101ALS245

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