Age: 8

About Kayden

Kayden is a very bright, likeable and funny boy with loads of energy. He is quite fond of superheroes, especially Spiderman, the Hulk and Ant-Man. Kayden is always on the move and he loves one-on-one attention.

Kayden benefits from additional support to help him succeed in school and with building his social skills. He loves to be read to at bedtime. Kayden loves sensory items along with his  superheroes. He can calm himself using his coping skills such as listening to music and playing with his favorite toys. Gaining his trust and attachment will take time but he is very lovable and responds well to redirection.

Kayden would do best in a home as an only child or with older siblings. He will need a family that is nurturing, patient, committed and willing to be strong advocates for his needs. It is important that structure and routines are part of the daily schedule. The family should have experience with, or be willing to learn about, trauma. Kayden would like to maintain contact with his siblings.

Kayden's Case Number: 0101ALS153

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