Age: 10

About Kobbi

Kobbi is a great kid who can be thoughtful, funny, and kind. He enjoys positive attention and really wants a place to call home with parents who love him. Kobbi does well with one-on-one attention and with parents who remain calm and reassuring. Kobbi excels when he stays active and busy and can participate in social activities.

Kobbi is extremely passionate about sports. Name any sport, and Kobbi likely has played it or watched it. Recently, Kobbi played on football, basketball, and baseball teams. He also likes karate, soccer, and swimming. He has fun collecting baseball and basketball cards and trading them with others. Sports are not Kobbi’s only interest, and he also rides his bike, watches scary and funny movies (“It” and “Jumanji” are his favorites) and plays videogames, specifically “Call of Duty” and any game that involves Mario.

Kobbi enjoys going to school and describes himself as a smart kid. He likes to read and is open to any genre but emphasized that the first sentence of a book is very important to him because it must draw him in so it will hold his interest. Some of his favorite books are “Beyond the Doors” and the “Magic Tree House” series.  Science is Kobbi’s favorite class at school, but he also enjoys art (coloring, painting, and drawing) and music.  Kobbi started to learn how to play the saxophone and would like to start playing again, as well as learn how to play the drums. He listens to both old and new music and almost anything that is playing on the radio. His two favorite bands are Kiss and the Beatles. Kobbi likes singing and dancing and would like to join a hip-hop dance class.

Soon, Kobbi hopes to travel around the U.S. and visit Six Flags theme parks in various states. He is a thrill seeker and loves riding roller coasters and going to the Haunted Houses around Halloween. In the more distant future, Kobbi has been thinking about what he would like to do when he grows up. He has some ideas, but currently is thinking about being a professional athlete and playing sports. He hopes to go to college in North Carolina where his role model Michael Jordan went. Kobbi explained that he looks up to Michael Jordan because he was always just being himself and not copying others.

Kobbi's Case Number: 0101ALS309

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