Age: 12

About Michael

Michael loves spending his free time playing games. His current favorites are Pokémon, Minecraft, Roblox and almost any video game that can be played on a PlayStation. He also enjoys riding his bike and playing with cars and Legos. Michael is creative and good at building things. He hopes to have more opportunities to work with wood and to have his own toolbox. Michael is a fan of cartoons on television and when it comes to movies, superhero movies and the three movies in the “How to Train Your Dragon” series are his favorites. Michael loves cats and wants to have one as a pet. He also wants to have a pet fish and explained he would make sure that the fish is protected from the cat. Michael’s preferred place to eat at is McDonald’s and the foods he most likes to eat include chicken, pizza and desserts. Science is Michael’s favorite subject at school, and when he grows up, he would like to be a robotic scientist or robotic engineer. Michael would also like to do some traveling and would love to visit Disney World and Universal Studios.

Michael has been described as a hard worker who loves to help others. His identified strengths include being creative, smart, nice, friendly, helpful, caring and protective. Michael tries his best to be honest and to take responsibility. He is social and open to trying new things.

Michael needs a patient family who provides structure and give him reminders. A family should have experience with trauma. While he requires attention, Michael can keep himself busy. A family should ensure Michael continues to receive the services he requires both in and outside of school. Michael stated that he wants a nice family who will help him with homework and do fun things with him. He explained that it is important for him to have his own room because he needs a quiet place to go to when he becomes overwhelmed or needs to calm down.

Michael's Case Number: 0101ALS249

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