Age: 15

About Nevaeh

When she is with her friends, Nevaeh said they are “like typical teenagers” and help each other with their hair and makeup, talk and gossip and go to fun places like the mall. Nevaeh said she is a good friend and describes herself as a loving and caring person. In school, Nevaeh’s favorite class is English. She loves reading and writing, especially when it is poetry. She writes her own poems and her favorite writer is Maya Angelou. Nevaeh’s favorite book is “Long Way Down” which is told in free verse. Nevaeh is interested in trying speech and acting. Other classes and activities that Nevaeh enjoys in school are art and choir because she loves to draw, paint and sing. She also likes to listen to music, mostly choosing R&B, Gospel and certain kinds of rap music. Her favorite musical artists are Ella Mai and Tink. Nevaeh has fun cooking breakfast foods, watching scary movies, swimming, playing basketball and volleyball and watching football games (the Bears are her favorite team). Nevaeh is very interested in traveling and said she would go anywhere, but might want to start with Europe first. In addition to traveling, Nevaeh’s future plans include studying criminal justice and eventually becoming a lawyer.

Nevaeh is described as a creative person and talented artist. She is very caring and good with younger children. Nevaeh does well in school when she applies herself and is smart and funny. Nevaeh can be quiet at times and keep to herself, but when she feels comfortable and encouraged, she will open up.

Nevaeh will need a family who is trauma-informed or willing to get training and gain knowledge in this area. She requires support when dealing with her feelings and needs a family that will be able to identify when she is struggling and work with her through her emotions. Nevaeh would like to be a part of a family that loves unconditionally and does not give up on her no matter how hard it gets. She wants parents who will take the time to talk to her and engage with her. Nevaeh hopes to find a family who will do fun things and not just sit in the house all day. She likes animals and pets and would be happy to have cats or dogs in the home. A family for Nevaeh should help her maintain a relationship with her biological sister.

Nevaeh's Case Number: 0101ALS242

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