Age: 13

About Robertas

You can often find this young man watching movies! Robertas has a huge passion for movies and has a large collection of DVDs. He can recall scenes from his favorite movies and tell you about all the upcoming movies he hopes to see. Robertas loves the Marvel movies, especially those that include the Avengers. He is also a big fan of Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson and will watch any movie he is in. When it comes to food, Robertas enjoys eating out at restaurants and fast food places. His current favorite foods are Chinese (sweet and sour chicken, dumplings and egg rolls), stuffed deep dish pizza, tacos, and ice cream (cookies n’ cream). Robertas is fond of helping in the kitchen and baking sweets like cookies, brownies and cupcakes. At home, Robertas likes watching television shows like The Big Bang Theory and Young Sheldon. He also has fun playing games on his tablet and video games on the Nintendo Wii. Robertas can spend hours sitting quietly and building Lego sets, especially if they are related to the Avengers. Other indoor activities that Robertas enjoys include bowling, completing jigsaw puzzles, playing UNO and listening to music. He likes to sing along to the popular songs on the radio, and the soundtrack to The Guardians of the Galaxy is one of his favorite albums. Robertas loves being outdoors. His favorite sports are basketball and baseball and his favorite team is the Chicago Cubs. Robertas hopes to play both sports and watch live games. He also likes swimming, riding his bike and playing outside – especially if he has a big brother or father figure to play with. He enjoys camping and hopes to fish again and try kayaking. In the winter, Robertas likes to go sledding. Robertas has fun going on outings to amusement parks, arcades, bowling alleys and museums. Robertas is fond of traveling and has fun staying in hotels. This young man is so eager to explore the world around him and try new things!

Robertas has been described as a fun-loving kid who is enjoyable to be around. Robertas can be very loving and sweet towards others in the home. His caseworker said “He has an adorable way of thinking and seeing the world, and this comes out in some surprising, quirky statements. He is often silly and he loves to have fun.” At school, Robertas is curious and loves to learn. He engages easily with school material if he has the support of a trusted adult. Robertas bonds easily with classroom teachers and is able tell his teacher when he needs help. Robertas can also be very helpful with younger kids.

Robertas needs a family who can provide him with a structured, predictable environment. He requires preparation for transitions and support if plans change. Robertas’ new family should be able to give him a high level of one-on-one attention. He loves attention from those around him, especially those he cares about. He wants to be near someone to feel secure. It will be important for a family to be patient and understanding. A family for Robertas should have knowledge about trauma and attachment or be willing to learn about both to best meet his needs. Robertas stated that he wants nice parents who can talk to him when he is upset and help him to calm down. Robertas wants parents who will be patient with him, listen to his concerns, not get mad when he messes up and who will let him do his favorite things. He desires a family with two parents and is hoping to have a big brother in the home and a pet.

Robertas's Case Number: 0101ALS186

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