Age: 14

About Rosalyn

Rosalyn is a polite, friendly young teen. She strives to stay active and loves sports, especially cheerleading. Rosalyn has a creative mind and in her free time she enjoys journaling and reading. She looks forward to going to school and strives to get good grades. She enjoys all subjects, but her favorite is physical education because it involves being athletic. She is not a picky eater, but if she had to pick her favorite food is Mac and Cheese. She loves to shop and also loves the color red. Rosalyn likes pets, especially dogs, and would love to be part of a family with a pet.

Rosalyn is family oriented, engaging, and resilient. She has a desire to do well in school and makes an effort to do well. Rosalyn is a pleasure to be around and is highly motivated. Rosalyn thrives with support and encouragement.

Rosalyn desires to be with a family that is committed to her who will provide the nurturing she deserves. Rosalyn would like a family that likes to stay busy and plan new outings. She would preferably like to live in a home that has kids her age. A family for Rosalyn should be open to additional training . The family should also be patient of her needs. Rosalyn is eager to be adopted and wishes to be a permanent part of a family’s life.

Rosalyn's Case Number: 0101ALS262

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