Age: 13

About Ryan

Ryan is a jubilant young man that loves to play football with friends and go fishing in his spare time. He really enjoys hanging out with his friends and family more than any other activity. He describes himself as “athletic” and a “prankster”. When Ryan isn’t hanging out with family, he enjoys playing video games and You Tube videos. When asked about his favorite video game, he mentioned Fortnite but also added he will try any game trending at the time. Ryan also expressed his love for DIY videos on YouTube. He added he will view the video and take tips, and then make the DIY project his own. Ryan’s taste buds are easy to please as he enjoys a McChicken sandwich from McDonald’s. When Ryan was asked if he could travel anywhere in the world, he said to the Bahamas. If Ryan could have any wish in the world, he stated he would “Wish to continue wishing!”

Ryan continues to do well in school. He stated his favorite subject is math as that will aid in him pursuing a career in Engineering. Ryan is not involved in any extracurricular activities but is not opposed to trying new activities once school begins.

Ryan is described by others as caring, intelligent, observant and a protector. It was also mentioned that Ryan is straight forward when advocating for himself but gentle when considering the feelings of others. Others also stated Ryan has shown a lot of growth through his adversities.

Ryan would do best in a family that will provide consistency and support. A family should be able to support his emotional needs. He is very connected to his current foster family, previous family and siblings. It is important to Ryan to maintain this connection. Ryan stated he wants a family that is athletic, has family outings and will take him fishing.

Ryan's Case Number: 35581005

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