Age: 16

About Samaul

Samaul, who likes to go by Sam, describes himself as a helpful and independent person. He is content to spend his free time at home, using his tablet to play games and watch videos on YouTube. Sam also likes to watch all sorts of comedic television shows and movies. He would love to have a pet, especially a cat or dog. Sam likes birds too and explained that he finds them funny. One of his favorite things to do is go to pet stores and look at all the animals. Sam would enjoy the companionship of a pet and the responsibility of having to help care for one. Despite describing himself as a homebody, Sam is very open to trying new things and activities. He would like to try camping where he can fish and sit by a fire and roast marshmallows. He would also like to go to a beach and learn how to swim better. When it comes to activities with a family, Sam thinks it would be fun to eat out, shop, go bowling, see movies, and drive go-karts. Sam likes school and said he has no favorite class, but does enjoy walking and running laps around the gym in his PE class. He hopes to attend college in the future and would like to study something involving electronics.

His caseworker describes Sam as the nicest, most easy-going person. She added that he is very laid back, witty, and quick on his toes. Sam can be talkative when he feels comfortable. His foster parents report that Sam is very polite at home and is always willing to help around the house. Samaul is well-behaved at school and gets good grades. His teachers have never had any issues with Samaul at school and he does his homework on time.

Sam has stated that he does not have any requirements when it comes to his forever family. He just wants to be adopted and have a family. Sam needs a family who will love him and show him that he will have permanency and stability in the home.

Samaul's Case Number: 0101C8319

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