Seneca and Demya

Ages: 11-13

About Seneca and Demya

Natural Leader, Demya is outgoing, outspoken and a self- advocate. Athletic, Demya enjoys sports especially basketball. Crafty, Demya has hand-created a variety of items (example: dollhouse and camera stand) from everyday household items and cardboard boxes. Demya recently finished the girls’ basketball season and hopes to continue playing basketball during her high school career. Her interests also include taking a dance class. Her favorite food is Chicken Alfredo and her favorite color is Purple. Demya’s favorite school subjects are Math and Music.

Seneca is friendly, likable and energetic. Silly, Seneca has a great sense of humor and enjoys belly laughs. Seneca has a strong interest in sports, specifically football and wrestling. Seneca also has a strong interest in Martial Arts, desiring to take a class in the future. Artistic, Seneca enjoys sketching anime characters in his free time. He has taken art classes and would enjoy future art classes that enhance his artistic abilities. His favorite food is seafood. Seneca’s favorite colors are black and white.

Both Seneca and Demya are mild-mannered children with occasional sibling rivalry. Both have positive interactions with same-age peers and their teachers. Both Seneca and Demya love video games and enjoy playing video games on their individual Xbox One game systems.

Seneca and Demya would like an active family who loves to travel. Seneca and Demya will thrive in a family willing to show patience and commitment. Seneca and Demya prefer to be the only children in the home and are open to family pets.

Seneca and Demya's Case Number: 0101ALS210 (Seneca), 0101ALS209 (Demya)

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