Age: 6

About Sincere

Sincere is a curious and smart child who is very funny and engaging. He is helpful at home and school and wants to do well and succeed. Sincere likes going to school because he gets to learn new things every day. He reports that when he grows up, he would like to be a police officer in order to “help keep kids safe” and “put the bad guys in jail.” 

Sincere is very passionate about music. He loves listening to music on the radio and singing along and dancing to his favorite songs. He is happy to demonstrate his dance skills and put on a performance for anyone who wants to watch! Sincere also likes to play the drums, and if there are no drums in front of him, he uses his imagination and will drum the air or objects around him, all while keeping up with the beat. Outside of music, Sincere loves sports like basketball and football and would love to play on a team with his peers or even play these sports with his family. When relaxing, he enjoys drawing and coloring or watching his favorite television shows PJ Masks and Paw Patrol. Sincere will watch anything with superheroes, and Batman is one of his favorites. Sincere has a bit of a sweet tooth and says cupcakes and chocolate ice cream are his favorite foods while juice is his favorite drink. He hopes to one day bake gingerbread men with his family.

Sincere is loving and affectionate towards the people he cares about. It is important for Sincere to feel safe, and he does well when he receives reassurance. A family for Sincere should be patient and able to demonstrate commitment. He will do well with a family who can encourage and support his talents. When it comes to a family, Sincere wants to have a parent or parents who are fun and will play with him. He also wants a family that will help him to remain in contact with his siblings. Sincere would like pets in the home, but prefers that they are little. Sincere explained that he would be happy with a small dog or cat in the home. 

Sincere will do best as the youngest or only child in the home. At this time, only Illinois families will be considered.

Sincere's Case Number: 0101ALS275

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