Age: 14

About Sincere

*Sincere is part of a sibling group with Isaiah.

Sincere is an active, outgoing and fun- loving child with a bright smile that is infectious. She likes to laugh and watch YouTube Videos in her free time. She loves sports and is interested in joining the following teams: cheerleading, dance, volleyball or track. Currently, Sincere is a part of her school’s robotics’ program.

An excellent student, Sincere likes going to school, values education and takes pride in her academic success thus far. “It’s important that my future family finds education important as well”, Sincere stated to her recruiter. Sincere enjoys poetry and has begun writing her own poems. She draws inspiration for her poetry from current events and things happening around her. Sincere takes pride in a poem she recently wrote about Ruby Bridges for Black History Month.

Sincere best moment in life was when she sang at the Symphony Center in Chicago, a wonderful experience gained while being a part of a children’s choir. Sincere loves to sing and wishes to join a choir in the future. In her free time, Sincere enjoys listening to music. She likes listening to artists like Ella Mai, Kehlani and Bruno Mars.

Sincere’s ideal rainy-day activities consist of spending time with her family while putting together puzzles and playing board games. Sincere has traveled across the US and desires to travel often with her forever family.

Sincere is articulate, observant and curious. She enjoys providing help. She is responsible, respectful, well-mannered and a self-advocate. She has an outgoing personality, is neat and orderly. She is a great big sister and is an excellent student.

Sincere needs a family who will demonstrate empathy and compassion. They should be willing to become familiar with at-risk youth who have experienced trauma and understand the effects of trauma. Her forever family should have a home environment that would allow her to grow and develop the appropriate skills to transition into adulthood. Sincere is bonded to her younger brother and the relationship should be maintained. Sincere wants a family to be patient and understanding of her past trauma. Sincere prefers a structured environment during the school week but wants to roll up her sleeves and have fun with her family on the weekend. Sincere likes pets, preferably dogs.

Sincere's Case Number: 0101ALS244

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