Age: 13

About Tahjae

This fun-loving young man loves to play and has no problem keeping himself entertained with his many interests. Tahjae can happily spend the day inside watching television, playing video games, and listening to music. His favorite television shows include Trollhunters and My Babysitter’s a Vampire, while his favorite video games are Grand Theft Auto and Need for Speed. Tahjae is open to all genres of music, including rap, rock and country; and if he could go to any concert, he would like to see 2 Chainz. Tahjae also likes to be outside and be active. Some of his favorite outdoor activities include playing sports (football, basketball and soccer), riding bikes and scooters and playing with remote control cars. When asked to describe himself, Tahjae said that he is “good, cool, awesome, an artist and a team player!” Tahjae enjoys school and explained that he likes it because you get to do work and learn, but you also get to have fun. Tahjae likes all his classes and had a hard time picking a favorite, but eventually settled on art and music as his top choices. Tahjae continues to be interested in these two subjects after school and in his free time will color, draw and trace as well as make up his own songs to sing. Tahjae plans to graduate from high school and then attend college. His current career goals include becoming a police officer, and then eventually becoming a detective.

Tahjae has been described as a fun and sweet kid who has an upbeat attitude. He has a very good memory and is very musical. He plays well with neighbors and other kids. Tahjae is good at reading people and being in tune with them. Tahjae wants to love people and be loved.

Tahjae needs a family who will be consistent, stable and loving. He responds well to structure and routine; and knowing what the rules are and what the consequences will be for not following them. A family should be able to advocate for his educational and emotional needs. It is important that a family help Tahjae maintain relationships with his brother and grandmother. Tahjae stated that he wants parents who are nice, treat him well, can help him to calm down and give him rewards when he is good. He wants a happy family and a family who will try to do things with him, like play video games together, play laser tag, go shopping and go on vacations to places like Disney World

Tahjae's Case Number: 0101C8371

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