Age: 14

About Zashawn

Meet Zashawn

Zashawn is an outgoing young teen who loves to make people laugh.  He is happiest when playing Fortnite. He loves playing basketball and football as well.  When Zashawn is older, he would like to work at a group home as a mentor for kids. He would also love to play professional basketball.   Zashawn has entrepreneurial aspirations too and is currently mowing lawns in the neighborhood. He enjoys school, especially algebra, and is a good student.  His favorite food is Ramen noodles and loves to eat candy, especially Frooties. He has seen every single Rocky movie. He loves all Marvel movies and his favorite is X-Men.  Zashawn would like his family to be nurturing, nice, friendly, and welcoming like his current foster mother.  He would like another child in the home, preferably a younger sibling. Zashawn is good at following directions and helping around the house. 

Zashawn is smart, funny, outgoing, and a pleasure to be around.  He enjoys playing video games, sports such as basketball, riding a bike, and reading.  Zashawn also loves food. Zashawn is good at advocating for himself in times of need. He is very expressive and does well when asked to share his feelings.  He can also be motivated to perform when he is presented with a preferred incentive. He enjoys helping his foster parent in any way that he can, such as bringing in groceries, or helping out around the house.  Zashawn also likes pets, especially dogs. Zashawn has also been described as intelligent and focused. His maturity level and sense of responsibility have grown in the past year as well. Zashawn is very independent at home and school.  

A family for Zashawn should be supportive and open to additional training available.  The family should have patience. The family should be nurturing because Zashawn thrives in a nurturing environment, which is in his best interest..  A family for Zashawn should also have an understanding of his educational needs and advocate for him in school.  


Zashawn's Case Number: 0101ALS257

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