Age: 14

About Zoey

Zoey presents as quiet and shy, but is very engaging once she is comfortable. She enjoys being involved in her community and participating in community events. Zoey likes school and always puts her best forward academically. She enjoys sports, and her favorites are volleyball and golf. Zoey hasn’t played in a while, but stated she would like to start playing again soon. In addition to sports, Zoey enjoys listening to Drake and reading a good book! She loves animals, and while the owl is her favorite, she’d love to care for any fur baby in the home.

Zoey can sometimes be shy and need encouragement to engage in activities, but she is easily redirected. She is working on initiating friendships and relationships with others, but patience and a little encouragement go a long way.

Zoey has expressed she wants a two-parent home, but a single female parent home can be explored. A family that understands trauma, is patient, firm but fair, structured and nurturing is ideal. The family should be familiar with their school district and willing to advocate for Zoey to ensure her academic needs are met. Zoey misses being involved in her favorite sports, so an active family that will support her interest is a plus!

Zoey's Case Number: 0101ALS152

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