Patti Fell: Director of Development and Community Outreach

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Since 2013, Ms. Fell is responsible for developing and implementing the development strategy to meet the outreach goals of the Center for Law and Social Work (CLSW). Ms. Fell also spends much of her time out in the community presenting information and services provided at CLSW to grandparent and parent support groups, child welfare agencies, and hospitals. Ms. Fell is passionate about legal adoption and guardianship considering she too is adopted and wants to help families gain permanency for their children.  Prior to joining CLSW, she worked for seven years at Whole Foods Market as the Marketing, Fundraising and Community Events Specialist.  Ms. Fell completed Mediation Certification in 2014.

Growing up in Los Angeles, Ms. Fell attended the University of Arizona, lived in Seattle, Las Vegas and for the last ten years in Chicago.  She is a proud grandmother who enjoys biking, yoga, travel and her canine son, Henry.




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