Felicia Stratten, MSW

Felicia Stratten joined the team at Center for Law in Social Work in 2017. She came to this agency when the Center began managing the Adoption Listing Service and Inquiries Unit, a program formed by DCFS. The goal of the Adoption Listing Service is to match youth in care with their forever families. Ms. Stratten is a Child Centered Recruitment Specialist for the program. Her role requires both diligence and care as she coordinates with caseworkers at foster care agencies, meets with youth awaiting adoption, builds relationships with these youths, and responds to inquiries made by families interested in adoption.


Ms. Stratten earned her undergraduate degree from Chicago State University in 2007, and later went back to earn her MSW in 2014. She began her career in Child Welfare in July of 1995 as a Case Assistant Specialist with Aunt Martha’s Youth Service Agency. In January of 2001, Ms. Stratten became the lead teacher for Aunt Martha’s Head Start program, and from November of 2007 through February of 2015 she was a Foster Care Case Manager with Aunt Martha’s Youth Service Center.  In October of 2016, Ms. Stratten stepped into her role as an adoption recruiter.


Ms. Stratten enjoys family, traveling, reading, and life’s many adventures. She and her husband are also licensed foster parents and have completed their family through foster care.

Email: fstratten@clsw.org
Office Phone: 773-728-7800