Porchlight Counseling Services



Helping survivors of campus sexual assault achieve healing and wholeness since 2004.


What is Porchlight Counseling Services?

Porchlight Counseling Services exists to help college sexual assault survivors achieve healing and wholeness and to create a world in which a person’s life is not defined by the devastating experience of sexual assault. Porchlight provides counseling, advocacy, and other services to the survivors of campus sexual assault. It is Porchlight’s goal to provide high-quality, long-term counseling at no charge to the client.


How can Porchlight Counseling Services help me?

  • If you, or someone you know, is the survivor of sexual assault, you can contact us in the following ways:
    • Contact our Intake Coordinator Niki Escobar by calling the main office at 773-728-7800.
    • Call the Helpline at 773-750-7077. Note: we are not a 24/7 crisis hotline, so if we do not answer the phone immediately, please leave a message and we will follow up with you shortly after.
    • Fill out this confidential intake form.
    • Text ‘PCSHOPE’ to 31996 to be connected with an Intake Coordinator.
  • If you would like general information about the Porchlight Counseling Services Program, or would like to schedule a Porchlight staff member to speak at your university or an event, contact the Program Director, Tera Gurney at tgurney@clsw.org

Frequently Asked Questions:

  • Is it free? 
    • Yes! Porchlight Counseling Services offers 20 therapy sessions at no cost for all students who have experienced sexual assault while in college or graduate school.
  • Is it confidential? 
    • Yes. Porchlight Counseling Services will not release information to anyone without permission.
  • Where are therapy locations? 
    • Therapist offices are private and easily accessible.
    • Our current therapist locations include:
      • Downtown Chicago
      • Lakeview neighborhood of Chicago
      • Humboldt Park neighborhood of Chicago
      • City of Evanston
      • City of Oak Park
  • Who are our therapists? 
    • Porchlight therapists are highly qualified Licensed Clinical Social Workers (LCSWs), Licensed Clinical Professional Counselors (LCPCs), and PhD-level therapists who specialize in sexual assault counseling and trauma informed recovery.
  • Is there a commitment? 
    • There is no commitment. Call the helpline at (773) 750-7077 for an appointment or just to speak to a professional about your experiences. You may also email porchlight@clsw.org with additional questions.


What does Porchlight Counseling Services have to do with the Center for Law and Social Work?

As of September 2017, the Center has partnered with Porchlight Counseling Services. Both non profit organizations wanted to serve a wider population, and agree that this partnership will aid in that goal. Since 2003, the Center for Law and Social Work has been devoted to assisting families, and supporting them on their journey to safety and stability. The agency has evolved from its early years, when the Center specialized exclusively in back up planning for families associated with the Department of Children and Family Services (DCFS). Today, the Center offers a range of services, which includes family clinical intervention. The Center is able to provide short-term counseling to DCFS families, and therapeutic services at a sliding scale fee to non-DCFS families. The Center for Law and Social Work is partnering with Porchlight Counseling Services to address the dangers and difficulties faced not only by the children and disabled adults traditionally served by the Center, but by women and men who have been sexually assaulted.


I don’t need services, but I want to help:

If you would like to help the Center’s Porchlight Counseling program reach more survivors, please donate. With the generosity of supporters like you, it is possible to keep offering therapeutic services to assault survivors free of cost.


Can I connect with Porchlight Counseling Services through this website?

Yes! Please fill out the form below, and one of our staff members will follow-up with you as soon as possible.

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